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A sure way to drive drop off is to push people from a campaign touchpoint with one message to a generic homepage or storefront with different content. I try not to flimflam my prospects with mismatched messaging and visuals. That's why every organic or paid campaign deserves its own landing page. Instapage really wants to be the landing page buddy to all your campaigns.

The core of Instapage is a landing page builder. Additionally, there's an excellent segmentation engine that integrates with ad networks to pair campaigns to pages and maintain any audience-based personalization in the routing. Robust personalization at scale is tricky business. So it's a relief to offload all of that into a tool and out of your brain/spreadsheets. (In fact, print and burn the spreadsheets.)


How to apply it to growth design 

I appreciate the A/B and multivariate testing options baked into the landing page builder. The experimentation features let you set up variants for design elements such as text, buttons, and images. Instapage will declare a winner and adopt the succesful variant automatically.

But I think most people are willing to adopt Instapage for its best-in-class accelerated mobile pages (AMP) generator. AMP's are simplified HTML pages that offer faster load times for mobile browsers. Instapage creates an AMP version of every landing page and serves it to visitors when they're on a device. Slow mobile load times have a substantial negative impact on conversion.

As a designer, sometimes it did feel like twice the work to create a landing page and then tweak the corresponding AMP version. But I'm willing to do this if it means my paid and organic campaigns perform well.

On the downside, Instapage is expensive for small businesses. Their lowest tier is going to be in the tens of thousands of landing pages. But, if your ad spend is also in the tens of thousands of dollars, then a couple of hundred dollars a month is a pittance to make those ads performant. I do wish they had a startup plan, though!


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